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Submitted on
June 4, 2013


56 (who?)

2nd Annual Dark Night show - RESULTS

Tue Jun 4, 2013, 10:43 AM
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2nd Annual Dark Night Show

:new: results are up.
I am a little bit disappointed here and there ^^; because I wonder if people in fact even go read things properly these days. Some people lost a lot of points by simply not reading the rules, missing information or just wrong things ...
None the less, I have seen some gorgeous pictures in here :)

To receive your prizes, please NOTE the donator to contact that person about the given prize. 
:points: are send to you asap

Because there were barely enough entries in each class, all halter entries are mixed into 1 class.

1. RCS Winter's Obsidian
2. Wild Oak's Heart of Midnight
3. Romancer
4. Bahir Barakah
5. FmnF Benzai Lovestrong
6. FmnF Orhime CXXXI
7. Chavali CCXLV De Laroche
8. SVS Chico Blanco
9. LS Kamikaze
10. RCS Miss Golden Dream
11. VF Lunar Siege CDXXI
12. Brave Stag

Show jumping in the dark
1. NCS Jean
2. Wild Oak's Diary of Jane
3. ROS Kharrana XXXVI
4. Marzipan Kisses
5. USV Balazo Zihar
6. RCS Twist of Charm
7. VF Navoura
8. RvS Blurred Boundaries
9. SBS Kaboom
10. Wild Oak's Midnight Oil
11. Ruby Bite

Pas de Trois
1. HSLG Colseaya, WRC Iolanthe & USV Najorda'naj
2.  Imma Sexy Beast, Check Mate & Sinfully Sweet
3. BMS Sokkea Rakkaus, BMS Blind King & MS Charmeur
4. GA Typhon Apophis, GA Sings in Silence & GA Cardinal Cesare Borgia

Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our second run of our Annual show.
We are holding this show a little earlier then normally, hoping to provide enough time for everyone that is interested.
We also changed our show a little bit, keeping some old stuff, added with some new things.

- You need to have an RPG Horse Art stable, membership to HorseArt-RPG is NOT needed
- All horses you enter need to be at least drawn 1 time by it's original owner!! This to prevent that people would randomly create horses for this show.
- Please read each class description carefully!! it can help you to gain points.
- I have the right to enter my own horse. Results are decided random for my own entries
- inside arena looks like this =…
- This show does not accept Nordanners. Own personal decision!

- Original = have we seen this before or is this something new? do not be afraid to try out new or unusual things
- Quality = you can enter with headshot if you like, but then dazzle me!! We look for fine art entries
- RP/story = a single entry without a story is boring. a story always gives better vision
- Right location = you are not gonna win with an outside entry if it's hold inside ...
- Right tack = no jumping tack for a dressage entry.
- Unexpected = a small random point. Not always can go like you want
- Fault made = When you made faults, I am not gonna point them out. You need to check for yourself if you entry is correct or not. when making faults, you lose points.

How to send in your entry
- Make you picture
- add info
(we need: Name/age/breed of the horse, name of the rider, name of the stable, a link back to the show!!)
- COMMENT with your link to the entry. no note, since they can get lost ...

No sign up needed!!

:new: 13 September

If you want to donate prizes, please send a NOTE with your prize and for which class!!

Halter class
- Horse must where a halter or show bridle!!
- Class is held inside, normal light (so not dark)

:bulletblack: Foal older then 6 month - 2 years
The Teaser by decorsThe little princess's first performance by Forget-Me-Not-Fields
Brave stag at his first show by WWHSTUD

:bulletblack: Young horse between 2 - 5 years
Prince Halter Entry - Dark Night Show by Spotty001Dark Knight Show: Bahir Barakah by BlackGlassButterfly
The Mythical Chimera (Dark Night Show Entry) by ValiantShadow

:bulletblack: Mares 5+
The Golden Gal by ArcticNightStablesMiss Golden Dream -  Dark Show Halter Entry by Spotty001

:bulletblack: Stallions 5+
Show Entry by RussianDemon5Mako In Hand by ViennaFarms
Benzai's cut out for halter by Forget-Me-Not-Fields.: You're Going Down - 9th :. by ChampieB

1th place: 
- 50 :points: from :devjian89
- breeding to any of these horses - dragonbred-society.deviantart.… - by :devWilloweWolf:

2nd place: 
- 25 :points: from Jian89

3rd place: 
- 10 :points: from Jian89


Show Jumping in the Dark
- held inside, no lights. so the overall looks i dark, while the jumps and rider are 'glowing'. There is enough light for the horse and rider to see the jumps.
- Jumps are glowing or are decorated with lights. Feel free to design them yourself
- Rider and horse are allowed to wear glowing stuff

Dancing in the Dark by ViennaFarmsJumping in the Dark by WindFlowerGirl
Terrible Tumble by ValiantShadowNo Butts About It! by ValiantShadow
.: Lights Out - 8th :. by ChampieBbaby loves to dance in the dark by Arly-Barly-Wartek
Shot in the Dark by Spotty001Rubyglow by Tehutiy
Hope in bloody hell by Dark1ladyStars in the Night - Show Entry by Nytelyteable
No lights by ladybird2467

1th place: 
- 50 :points: from :devjian89
- breeding to any of these horses - dragonbred-society.deviantart.… - by :devWilloweWolf:
- colored headshot - from :devsilverhandstables:

2nd place: 
-25 :points: from Jian89

3rd place: 
- 10:points: from Jian89


Pas de Trois
- Similar to a Pas de deux, just with 3 horse
- held inside
- light effect and other stuff are allowed to bright up your show. costumes allowed

glow marks the spot by broken-arrowec.: Pas De Trois - 3rd  :. by ChampieB
Tribute to our mother by DatNachtmaehreAll I Wanna Say by nerwen-wilwarin

1th place: 
- 50 points: from :devjian89
- breeding to any of these horses - dragonbred-society.deviantart.… - by :devWilloweWolf:

2nd place: 
- 25 :points: from Jian89

3rd place: 
- 10 :points: from Jian89


Add a Comment:
WWHSTUD Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Disappointed with my result but 
I did make that mistake in the story (thanks brain for doing that). And this would be my 4th time entering a show.  

Always next time 
Jian89 Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not everyone can get a first place :giggle: even with only 10 entries, you still have the same change to end first or last ;p
trust me, I haven't son so many competition either, unless it were mini events or very low entries ...
Though I won my first event I ever entered :XD: and guess that was it :p
Dark1lady Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Why do I get thef eeling that I was the one that didn't read the rules :XD: But I have read them, couldn't found it myself.. what did darky wrong o.O? x'D I'm just fine with the results, Balazo is a different horse, but just curious :D
Jian89 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't have the results with me anymore ^^;
but some people made an amazing entry, but were then suddenly unlucky when it came to the random points :roll:
(and others were saved by it XD)

but I saw some mistakes of which I am really wondering if people were really paying attention to detail ...
Dark1lady Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Student Digital Artist
The gods of Grrr :XD: hahaha!

Yes, thats hard. Sadly know it from my own comeptitions and also know that I can do it myself. I always read everything, but sometimes to stupid :facepalm: But we can use this for the next trainings with Balazo :dummy: Nathalie need to learn to control her stallion more :XD:
decors Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
thank you :)
WindFlowerGirl Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:squee: :happybounce: :woohoo: :la: o.m.g. I can't believe we won! o.O thank u so much! :tighthug: :heart: :huggle:
Lunameyza Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMG yaay! we won the first place! :dummy:
DatNachtmaehre Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
OMG OMG OMG :squee:

We have won. :la:
Jian89 Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
concrats :)

there is just one problem I see now XD
The points I had reserved for the pas de trois were in fact meant to be for one person ^^;
so I don't have enough to give all 3 of you 50 :points:
is there any way you can ask the other how it can be arranged?
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