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HARPG stables

Imperial Delaroche StablesImperial DeLaroche Stables
Imperial Delaroche Stables, owner and started by Matthew De Laroche, has his ofucs on warhorse breeds.
Trained for battle, hunting, yes also for dressage and hauté école.
Owner - stable manager: Matthew De Laroche
Show handlers: Matthew De Laroche, Daniël Sanders, Luna Arceneau & Michael Black
Trainers: Matthew De Laroche, Daniël Sanders, Luna Arceneau & Michael Black
Breeding rules
- Breeding request must have complete information. We are nothing with 'I want to breed with this horse'.
- I need link to the horse you want to use and your chosen mate
- Price is a full body breeding picture or point payment (no breeding picture needed then)
- Don't start to complain when you get a no. The horse can be closed for breeding, no breeding slots left or already has to many foals. My horses are no breeding machines
Les Ecuries Imperiales Du Cabaret Du phenixLes Écuries Impériales Du Cabaret Du phénix
The Phoenix Cabaret, a side stable of Imperial Delaroche Stables is focussing on those flashy and sparkling showbreeds that are running around.
Glitter, glamour, feathers, diamonds, ... do you need more?
The finest dancers and performers in the world, once on stage, they take you their world.
The Phoenix Cabaret is running like a normal stable, yet the stories are also written from the horses their point of view.
Owner - stable manager: Haldamir Culnamo
Show handlers: Durion Elendier & Elika Rockfort & Thomas Frost
Trainers: Elsie Romers, Simon Buysse, Emily Carter & Thomas Frost
Parisian Cabaret horses


Imperial Blood StablesImperial Blood Stables
Imperial Blood Stables, a side stable of Imperial Delaroche Stables is focusing on legendary horses, with focus on Dragon Horses and hakes. With other words, scales horses with their own imperial legends and misteries.
Owner - stable manager: Takahashi Mizuri & Tatsuya Mizuri
Show handlers: Takahashi Mizuri & Tatsuya Mizuri
Trainers: Chiyo Mizuri, Mitsuko Kawada & Takuma Sakurai
Chinese Dragon Horses


Asian Dragon Horses


Imperial Nightmare StablesImperial Nightmare Stables
Imperial BNightmareStables, a side stable of Imperial Delaroche Stables is focusing on those creepers of the night: Zombies. The dying horses of the night, plagued, rotting, maggots eating their skin. They say this stable shows the most activity around Halloween.
Owner - stable manager: Giovanni Shyam
Show handlers: Giovanni Shyam
Trainers: Miriam Shyam & Giovanni Shyam



Zomblicorns crossbreds



Al-Shama StudAl-Shama Stud
Al-Shama Stud has been name in the Arabian world, provide stallions from the best lines, having broodmares that were destined to birth new champions. Sadly a huge fire burned down the stable 10 years ago, in which a few precious horses lost their lives. The damage was to high and the stable had to sell the biggest part of their stock to cover the costs.
Now they only own a few horses, but they are eager to start again, in both the show world as in breeding.
Al-Shama is alive again!
Owner - stable manager: Vincent Ackerman
Show handlers: Erick Renders & Lisa Claese
Trainers: Amelie Van Voren & Dirck De Jonghe


Personal Fav

Flying high by Jian89Their queen by Jian89
running on free will by Jian89The bold and the beautiful by Jian89
Sitka The Pale, Princess of Glenmore by Jian89And against who do you think you are talking to? by Jian89

I got a Jar of Dirt!


Shedu cub design
Asian Classic Shedu Cat 8 By Templado-d7hgdd9 by Jian89
Gizmo De Luna 2169 by Jian89
Second to None De Luna 2291 by Jian89
Azira by Jian89
Midnight Illusion design by Jian89
As some people already asked me to do their cubs design, this is just an offer.

I can do cub designs for
- 100 :points: (just request trough this widget)
- 1 headshot of Fajer => (make the headshot and send a note)

To get a cub design, I need info
- geno: (color desciption + genotype)
- Gender:
- ID number:
- Link to dam:
- Link to sire:

NOTE: this is not a way to get a cub! This is for when you have a geno (either got trough breeding, gift, sale, ...) to give it a cub design.
Either because you have no inspiration, can't use the design sheet, no time, etc ...

It can take a few days before the design is done, depending on my own work + time available. I show you the design when I am done, you can ask for changes.
When the design is complete, I send you the file and you can upload it in your own stash with requested info from the group!

Helium wolves

Unnamed | Helium Wolf | Male by orengel

What has to be done


- PCH cross mare -
- PCH filly -
- Paradise tail mare
- Harly foal ref


- Junior, free will for Hawkeye
- Korung, junior, free will for Christine

Commissions I need to get

- blackwing-fang - paid - 10 chibi of Azula - 3/10

Shedu cats

Jian89 Payment  1 of 3 by MisterMustachio
Shedu Novice Diploma by Templado
Breeding rulesLunar Corporation Breeding rules
Here you find the breeding rules of LC. Many are just simple standard rules.
If you know you can not follow or even agree with these rules, I advise you to simply not
breed with my cats :)
Breeding standard
- Dam owner get's first pick in the litter, Sire owner second, then dam owner again.
I am pretty open for this rule to discus geno's, as some people like some patterns/colors more then others.
Though in case we can not agree, it's this ruling.

- If you ever sell kittens that have my cat's as parent, please contact me first. I want my right to buy them back.
- My cats are (generally) not going to be bred under 25% of their stats. (Unless discussed otherwise).
- When buying a breeding with my cat, I get one cub if the litter iw bigger then 2+ cubs. (unless discussed otherwise).
- Cubs that are bred out of my shedu's always get 'De Luna' behind their name. ALWAYS! You are free to add your own prefix/suffix (exp: Rs Sang Ro
Lunar Corporation Shedu catsFind all our Shedu cats here and who their official owner/trainer is!
Cats from Jian89
:bulletblack: Black males

:bulletblack: Brown males

:bulletblack: Tan males
Orion 1234 by SheduMasterChaparon De Luna 2181 by SheduMaster
Criminal Minds De Luna 2167 by SheduMasterOutlast 2469 by SheduMasterFival 1046 by SheduMaster
:bulletblack: Black females
Azula De Luna 1219 by SheduMasterNakshidil 1400 by SheduMasterSharima De Luna 2002 by SheduMaster
Yas-mine 2145 by SheduMasterMockingjay De Luna 2346 by SheduMasterRs Sang Royale De Luna 2293 by SheduMaster
:bulletblack: Brown females
Bashira 36 by TempladoMarchioness 429 by TempladoDutchess 430 by Templado
Baroness 431 by TempladoLyngva Riply 2354 by SheduMaster
:bulletblack: Tan females
Shock Wave 309 by TempladoShedu cat female 308 by TempladoMaitresse De Luna 2281 by SheduMaster
Fiverr De Luna 2495 by SheduMasterRattlesnake De Luna 2296 by SheduMasterNaomha 2623 by SheduMaster
Sound Wave 167 by Templado
:bulletblack: Asian Females
Kinka De Luna 25AS by SheduMaster
Cats from ArcticNightStables
Shakira 1212 by SheduMaster
Cats from Forget-Me-Not-Fields
:bulletyellow: Black females
Nakshidil 1400 by SheduMaster
:bulletyellow: Br


Sitka - Glenmore doe - Princess doe by Jian89
Melark - Glenmore stag - Royal guard by Jian89Ysabeau | Doe | Shaman of Oakfern by Jian89
Flint / glenmore stag / Royal by Jian89Conan / Glenmore stag / Prince by Jian89

sometimes I am wondering ... 

7 deviants said why I even try ...


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Angel-Creek-Ranch Featured By Owner Edited 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Heya dear,  I know my deadline's the 29th and it's getting close to it to finish the rest of the images of your beauty...but I thought I'd show you that I've had them started just have been very busy! I'll get them all done tomorrow(today since it's 130am...) but I figured I'd give ya updates.... If your on when I get back on I can host a jm if your interested in watching me finish them up? :)
Jian89 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Luv, i really approciate the update ... Yet can you reply to the place where this is for? I have 20+ deals running around, if people reply/comment on random olaced who have nothing to do with the deal, I have no clue for what it is ...

So please, reply/comment such stuff on the olace of deal before mistakes are made ^^; sorry
Angel-Creek-Ranch Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
Actually, did you end up removing a journal as of recently? You had a journal that had slot sales for points and art. (i chose art) It set up saying if you helped earn 5.5% in old stats format and that was completed then we got a slot to the said cat... I was written down for Sharima 2002 and got an extension, but I can't find your journal...if it's too much of a hassle, that is alright and I don't mind cancelling it. ^^ Sorry about this ^^'
Jian89 Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't moce journals until everything is complete.
Check journal list, either below first page or high second page. It's not a new journal, but a reused old one.

Can not check myself or send link. Don't have a oc acailable and ipod doesn't support that feature.
It's not gone.
Angel-Creek-Ranch Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
alright ^^ I can do that! :)
Neroholic Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hey! Sorry, but i was SUPER lazy on sea side and drew only one image of Fajer, and that image felt in the sea :nuu:
Jian89 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
are you know kidding or is that real? ^^;

I had hoped that all my designs would have been accepted (yet of course ... no ...)
the ones I was waiting for are still not accepted ... admins on holiday ...
So I am gonna wait a tiny little bit to see if I get my 'oké' for my designs in the next few days (probably not, but hey XD)
otherwise I give you 2 other cats that need some love :)
Neroholic Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
For real, i swear :nuu:
I was drawing on the beach ;u;

Okay ^^
Jian89 Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, as the sra has eaten the piece (bad sea!!)
Do you thinknyou can do 5 art points of Fajer and 15 of Nakshidil? The last 10 are for my special boy XD not surpriced it takes long for his design as he is indeed a 'rare' one ...
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PetPatrol1 Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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