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3/3 starters, 0/1 Bacon, 1/3 fawns
:bulletblue:Melark - Glenmore stag - Royal Guard
:bulletblue:Fiachra - Blackwood stag - Witch
:bulletpink:Ysabeau - Oakfern doe - Outcast

:bulletblue:Mathayus - Silverthorne colt - Herdmember
:bulletpink:Verin - Oakfern filly - Outcast
:bulletpink:Flaight - Glenmore filly - Princess doe

NOTE: I am open for RP's, yet anyone who want's to, please send me a note and do not request RP's in comments/replies. It's very hard to track who asked what, when and where. Notes is easier for everything.

Shedu cats

Jian89 Payment  1 of 3 by Quailmix
Shedu Novice Diploma by Templado
Breeding rulesLunar Corporation Breeding rules
Here you find the breeding rules of LC. Many are just simple standard rules.
If you know you can not follow or even agree with these rules, I advise you to simply not
breed with my cats :)
Breeding standard
-  if you want to use your breeding slot to my cat, you notify me! If you don't notify me and you still use without my knowledge, I simply see the breeding as invalid and I shall note the group.
- Dam owner get's first pick in the litter, Sire owner second, then dam owner again.
I am pretty open for this rule to discus geno's, as some people like some patterns/colors more then others.
Though in case we can not agree, it's this ruling.

- If you ever sell kittens that have my cat's as parent, please contact me first. I want my right to buy them back.
- My cats are (generally) not going to be bred under 25% of their stats. (Unless discussed otherwise).
- When buying a breeding with my cat, I get one cub if the litter
Lunar Corporation Shedu catsFind all our Shedu cats here and who their official owner/trainer is!
Shedu cats from Jian89
:bulletblack: Black males

The Last Of Us De Luna 3216 by SheduMasterInfection De Luna 3213 by SheduMaster
Ninja's Shadow De Luna 3614 by SheduMasterThe 6th Royale De Luna 3526 by SheduMaster
:bulletblack: Brown males
Goten 329 by TempladoHasan De Luna 1214 by SheduMasterSecond To None De Luna 2291 by SheduMaster
Seven stars 1210 by SheduMasterCyprus De Luna 2282 by SheduMasterThe Tudor De Luna 2643 by SheduMaster
Khan De Luna 3244 by SheduMasterBarack De Luna 2639 by SheduMasterKing De Luna 3374 by SheduMaster
Aves 2349 by SheduMasterAlon De Luna 2478 by SheduMasterFirebolt De Luna 3703 by SheduMaster
Zaimirr De Luna 3533 by SheduMasterZanza De Luna 3532 by SheduMasterMaharaja De Luna 5060 by SheduMaster
Gaius De Luna 3968 by SheduMasterMilord De Luna 3955 by SheduMasterZambia De Luna 6006 by SheduMaster

Big Black shedu fostering programEver wanted a slot to black cat, but couldn't get one unless you had points? Then take your change here and get one for art!
LC has a huge herd of black cats and we would to see them breedable. You can help us :D
How it works
- pick your cat (max 2/person. When done and still interested, you can pick another 2)
- Make the needed pictures, which are
--- 1 training image (riding, obedience, bareback riding, etc ...)
--- 1 Korung image*
--- 1 Junior Test image*
--- 1 Free Will image*
*Picture can be joined together to get 1 picture, yet can be 3 separated pictures
- Finish these within a deadline of 1month/cat (so if you foster 2 cats, you get 2 months)
- Post them here and pick your price!
Easy :D
What is the price?
You can pick from
- Breeding slot to the cat itself (mainly open for males, a few for females, see cat itself)
- Breeding slot to one of the other black males (keep in mind it's possible you need to wait when cat doesn't have it's SPC)
- Breeding slot to
Shedu slot sale - December - new female:new: returned to normal prizes
Shedu breeding slots for sale.
When buying from females (when available) they must be used in the next season (meaning September)
Male slots can be used at any time wanted.
All cats are breedable!
- slot is only added when payment is complete.
When buying with art, I'll let you know of which cat!
- males have unlimited slots
- females only 1 slot!
- Full litter minus 1 cub, unless only 1 or 2 cubs. so from 3 or more cubs, I get to pick one. First pick on females for me, last pick on males for me.

Goten 329 - Spartak
Str[21] Int[20] Sta[15] Spe[26] Mov[21] Sur[21] Agl[14] Con[15] Tra[10] Tem[7]
- 700 :points:

Hasan De Luna 1214 - Savoy
Str[24] Int[20] Sta[20] Spe[28] Mov[24] Sur[20] Agl[17] Con[10] Tra[7] Tem[5]
- 1000 :points:

Second To None De Luna 2294 - Spartak
Stats: Str[19] I

December cubs - caligula, black, lucky strike:new: Call out for the older geno's.
How can you buy?
- Offer point price (nothing less then 700 :points:, keep lineage and color in mind please)
- Offer an art price (state what you want to draw and how long it would take)
- geno trade (comment with the geno(s) you want to offer)
- shedu breeding (I only take breeding with cats who have their SPC or are almost done)
- RD (meaning you pay with the RD you own. prize range between 10.000 - 35.000RD)
Do not kill me when I decline your offer! I have no plans to sell them under their value!

Rules when buying my geno's
- all kittens have the suffix 'De Luna' behind their name (as they are bred by my cattery)
- For the rest, feel free.
December geno's
Point price is Buy Out price. Feel free to post any other offer (geno trade, art, etc ...)
Whiskey prince De Luna 3651 X Shock Wave 309
Wanting: SPC - offer!:new::new: Not gonna accept new deals for the moment, gonna rework everything after current deals are done
:new: Because of holidays and exams/school finals, I'll transfer any deadline in December until December 31. That should give enough time to finish some stuff.
Any new deal is getting a deadline of 2 months.
I have several (many cats) that need their SPC done. Now that it has been simplified, I would like to give you this offer.
The price
You can pick between 2 things
1. Make your offer what you want as payment. 
For this payment, you do the 3 SPC images of the cat.
- I can not offer giant amount of points, sorry, simply not rich (no matter what people think ...)
- I can offer geno's I have available, just keep in mind that Asian, true black or special geno's are gonna cost more then just 1 SPC
- For doing only 3 SPC pictures, I can only offer you a 50/50 breeding between a cat of mine or yours. Couple still need to be approved by me (not everyone is available)

Nakshidil PagedollFor by RoseThornStablesSheba Pagedoll by RoseThornStables

HARPG stables

Imperial Delaroche StablesImperial DeLaroche Stables
Imperial Delaroche Stables, owner and started by Matthew De Laroche, has his ofucs on warhorse breeds.
Trained for battle, hunting, yes also for dressage and hauté école.
Owner - stable manager: Matthew De Laroche
Show handlers: Matthew De Laroche, Daniël Sanders, Luna Arceneau & Michael Black
Trainers: Matthew De Laroche, Daniël Sanders, Luna Arceneau & Michael Black
Breeding rules
- Breeding request must have complete information. We are nothing with 'I want to breed with this horse'.
- I need link to the horse you want to use and your chosen mate
- Price is a full body breeding picture or point payment (no breeding picture needed then)
- Don't start to complain when you get a no. The horse can be closed for breeding, no breeding slots left or already has to many foals. My horses are no breeding machines
Les Ecuries Imperiales Du Cabaret Du phenixLes Écuries Impériales Du Cabaret Du phénix
The Phoenix Cabaret, a side stable of Imperial Delaroche Stables is focussing on those flashy and sparkling showbreeds that are running around.
Glitter, glamour, feathers, diamonds, ... do you need more?
The finest dancers and performers in the world, once on stage, they take you their world.
The Phoenix Cabaret is running like a normal stable, yet the stories are also written from the horses their point of view.
Owner - stable manager: Haldamir Culnamo
Show handlers: Durion Elendier & Elika Rockfort & Thomas Frost
Trainers: Elsie Romers, Simon Buysse, Emily Carter & Thomas Frost
Parisian Cabaret horses


Imperial Blood StablesImperial Blood Stables
Imperial Blood Stables, a side stable of Imperial Delaroche Stables is focusing on legendary horses, with focus on Dragon Horses and hakes. With other words, scales horses with their own imperial legends and misteries.
Owner - stable manager: Takahashi Mizuri & Tatsuya Mizuri
Show handlers: Takahashi Mizuri & Tatsuya Mizuri
Trainers: Chiyo Mizuri, Mitsuko Kawada & Takuma Sakurai
Chinese Dragon Horses


Asian Dragon Horses


Imperial Nightmare StablesImperial Nightmare Stables
Imperial BNightmareStables, a side stable of Imperial Delaroche Stables is focusing on those creepers of the night: Zombies. The dying horses of the night, plagued, rotting, maggots eating their skin. They say this stable shows the most activity around Halloween.
Owner - stable manager: Giovanni Shyam
Show handlers: Giovanni Shyam
Trainers: Miriam Shyam & Giovanni Shyam



Zomblicorns crossbreds



Al-Shama StudAl-Shama Stud
Al-Shama stud was once a blooming stable with the most finest Arabian horses. Known for their beauty, good offspring and trainers, they were a name that rolled over the tongue of Arabian breeders. Yet a stable fire destroyed that good name, leaving only a few precious horses behind. Now, so many years after the fire, a new generation want to make this stable bloom again. Focusing on their horse, their lineage, presence and beauty, they try to make a name again.
Owner - stable manager: Erick Renders, Sammy Renders
Show handlers: Erick Renders, Lisa Claese, Sammy Renders
Trainers: Erick Renders, Lisa Claese, Tatjana Zephar
Breeding rules

Panache Fox StablesPanache Fox Stables
Panache was once a blooming stable with the most beautiful Peafowl Friesians. Yet the old owner became, indeed, old and became sick. Forced to sell the major part of his horses, he was left with just a few of his precious herd.
Now that he is better, together with his grandson, he is trying to rebuild that 'good-old-time'
Owner - stable manager: Louis Del Court
Show handlers: Ajan Del Court
Trainers: Ajan Del Court

Breeding rules
- Each breeding has a certain price
--- breeding between my horse and your horse = headshot breeding picture
--- breeding between 2 of my horses = headshot breeding picture + extra random headshot
- Each breeding discussed in notes, please add the basic need info (like link to parents, reason why , .

Del Cour Stables has always focused itself on Baroque horses, mainly PRE and Friesians. Yet over time they developed their own breed, The Arabesque, which is now their main focus. Yet they still keep some other breeds as well for their breeding programs.
Owner - stable manager: Baldur Clermont
Show handlers: Baldur Clermont, Frederic Clermont, Freya Clermont
Trainers: Mathayus Clermont, Frederic Clermont, Freya Clermont
Breeding rules
The Arabesque

Other breeds


Personal Fav

Majestic by Jian89Home run race by Jian89
Between light and darkness by Jian89Be aware of the ... by Jian89
The young king by Jian89Snakes and dragons by Jian89

I got a Jar of Dirt!


for scutterland
commission payment
Shedu breeding slot - True black
Available males
Blake 2044 by SheduMasterSixtysix De Luna 2666 by SheduMasterBa'al De Luna 2003 by SheduMaster
Blake: 2 slots
Sixtysix: 2 slots
Ba'al: 2 slots

mention name of cat you want to buy a slot to.
All slots are full litter
Random common Arebesque import
You do not decide your genotype as it is random. It can be anything from the common Arabesque coloration.

You can decide gender if you have one.

These horses are 100% starters!
Shedu cub design
Asian Classic Shedu Cat 8 By Templado-d7hgdd9 by Jian89
Gizmo De Luna 2169 by Jian89
Second to None De Luna 2291 by Jian89
Azira by Jian89
Midnight Illusion design by Jian89
As some people already asked me to do their cubs design, this is just an offer.

I can do cub designs for
- 100 :points: (just request trough this widget)
- 1 colored headshot of Sixtynine ( ) or Nakshidil ( ) (just pick one, draw the headshot and send a note :) )

To get a cub design, I need info
- geno: (color desciption + genotype)
- Gender:
- ID number:
- Link to dam:
- Link to sire:

NOTE: this is not a way to get a cub! This is for when you have a geno (either got trough breeding, gift, sale, ...) to give it a cub design.
Either because you have no inspiration, can't use the design sheet, no time, etc ...

It can take a few days before the design is done, depending on my own work + time available. I show you the design when I am done, you can ask for changes.
When the design is complete, I send you the file and you can upload it in your own stash with requested info from the group!



Not gonna post WIP anymore. Only ruins my good mood when people seem to think it's finished work.
Urgh, some people or things can just flip your good mood in irritated in 1 second ... Stomach pain can do that to.
You start to see life as something precious, when you have seen a tip of the end.

What has to be done


- PCH cross mare -
- Personal PCH mare import - designed
- Personal PCH stallion import - designed
- Halloween PCH mare -
- Cersei ref
- Threnodesse ref
- Harly 1 ref -
- Hototo starter -
- Light Hototo starter -
- Hexxa X Sandman breeding

- Giraco mutation update
- Guppy mutation update
- lightning dun mutation update
- Marandian Mimicry


- KPC for Raijin

Commissions I need to get

Now that glenmore royals are open, would you i terested in some family members of Melark (mainly from father's side) 

5 deviants said No, I wouldn't
2 deviants said Yes, I would


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